Michael Lipton

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user2023673

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Loose and Away Teaser (2012)

A short look at Loose and Away.

Editor (Teaser)

Digital (Canon 5D Mrk II, 60D)

Short (1/4 minutes)

Music: Sick at the Bauhaus Show by Lee Rosevere

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Capturing The Goods (2013)

A crack duo of documentary filmmakers chase after the real stories of the everyday, here and now in order to capture the good stuff.

Director, Camera Operator, Co-Editor

Digital (Canon 60D)

Short (3 minutes)

Can’t Relive The Party (Toussaint Morrison) / CC BY-NC 3.0


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Dom Dreams (2013)

Friends gather for a special evening, and Dominic’s thoughts trail away.

Editor, Cinematography

found footage Digital (Canon Vixia)

Short (1 1/2 minutes)

Concerto in A Minor, Op. 102 ‘Double Concerto’ - I. Allegro
Johannes Brahms

Javaria Khan - Michael Lipton interview

NEPR, Artist Profile: Michael Lipton

March 04, 2013

Interview by, Javaria Khan



He quickly swallows his chewing gum before he starts talking, with a small smile on his face. I pass the microphone to him, interested to know the story of this 19-year-old. Tapping his finger gently against the wooden rest of his chair, he observes the architecture of the Mount Holyoke Library intently before he answers my questions. An interesting fellow, I must say.

Michael Lipton, originally from Portland, Oregon and a sophomore at Hampshire College is a young film-maker blossoming in our Pioneer Valley today. Watching a 30-second trailer of his debut venture into short films, Loose and Away, had left me astounded, wanting to know more.

How did this interest in film-making come about? Why did he decide to come to Hampshire College? And what is it about the Valley that inspires this young film-maker?

Loose and Away is now available on Vimeo

Digital Photography, Colorization
Riding Into Northampton, November, 2012

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The Courier (2011)

A spy, spy and another spy and a mysterious but valuable duffle-bag that they all want.


Digital (Canon Vixia)

Short (5 min)

Music from Morgantj

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Private Whispers (2012)

Early morning, a young woman wakes up to investigate an annoying buzz coming from her kitchen. An etherial specter haunts her ubiquitously. A short film told in still photo’s.


Cinematography by Michail Charalampidis


Short (3 minutes)

Music from Tom Fahy

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Voyeur (2011)

Short film that follows a voyeur on a bus ride.

Director/Director of Photography

Film 16mm (Bolex)

Short (1 minute 31 seconds)

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Between Gentlemen (2010)

Set during the early 19th century. An old aristocrat and a young dandy, face off in a duel by pistols.


Hand drawn, digitally transferred

Short (3 minutes 35 seconds)

Premiered at the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Ceremony 2010 (Oregon) 

Portland Center for the Performing Arts

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Pulp (2009)


Hand drawn, digitally transferred

Short (1 minute 30 seconds)

Premiered at the NW Film&Video Festival Youth Division 2010

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